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Friday, June 21, 2013

Story of the Outback - Video from Matador

This isn't the Pilbara but its full of  Australian Outback imagery and does have some great shots of starry skies.
Click HERE to see video.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Full Moon in the Kennedy Ranges

One of the advantages of a dedicated photography tour is that we are all 'in the mix' 24/7. Its not like being in a class where you head home at 5pm. The additional advantage of an outback camping photography tour is that we are sleeping under the stars. We can shoot well into the night and pre-dawn and be well away from the influence of urban night light.

Tony Taylor alerted me that we will enjoy a full moon while we are camped in the Kennedy Ranges. This gives us some great opportunities for lunar landscapes. In many cases the best moon shots and especially lunar landscapes are taken the night before the full moon. This is due to the synchronicity between the sweet spot between sunset and last light and the moonrise.

If this sounds like a lot of 'gobbeldy gook', don't worry. I am going to produce some easy to follow charts for you.

However, you will need to get a handle on the manual controls on your camera. The moon is not quite as easy to expose correctly as it first looks. Furthermore, if you want to create an artistic moonshot you need to alter the perception of moon scale.

Jurien Bay Storm. Nikon D700. 6 secs @ f5.6 400 ISO
Techniques for photographing lunar landscapes, the moon, lightning and fireworks come under the general category of time exposure or long exposure. Its something you might like to check out by reading your camera's instruction book. 

If you would like some detailed instructions on these techniques before departure you may be interested in my UWA Intermediate DSLR workshop on 23 and 27 June. You get to practise all your manual controls about 76 times. The workshop also includes a night practical shoot where you practise the principles of photographing lightning, fireworks, stars and lunar landscapes. For more information click HERE.  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Photography And Art Tour - Pilbara - 10-24 August 2013

"I always travel with my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train'
Oscar Wilde

The 2013 Photography and Art Tour of the Pilbara runs from the 10-24 August.
The Medical Arts Association of Western Australia, in conjunction with the Casey Tours have put together what promises to be an outback adventure that will foster your art and rejuvenate your spirits.

Accomplished artist, Ross Paterson will lead those with armed with canvas and paints to capture the beauty of the Australian outback and the drama of Karijini Gorge.

I'll lead the team of photographers bedecked with cameras. lenses and tripods to record digitally (and on film) the people, landscapes, wildlife and night skies of our journey.

Our journey takes us through the real Australian outback:

  • Payne's Find
  • Mount Magnet
  • Cue
  • Big Bell
  • Day Dawn
  • Walga Rock
  • Meekatharra
  • Newman
  • Dale Gorge
  • Fortescue Falls
  • Red Gorge
  • Oxer lookout
  • Millstream
  • Fortescue River
  • Python Pool
  • Mount Augustus
  • Cobra Station
  • Gascoyne River
  • Gascoyne River
  • Coomberdale Wildflower Farm   ....  and more
Most nights are spent camping under the Southern Cross with camp fires, hearty meals, a glass or red and some tall stories. 

As a professional photographer, professional teacher and someone who has lived, worked and photographed in remote regions,  A part of the photographic schedule includes
  • Detailed briefing notes for all participating photographers
  • A half-day pre-departure workshop on Outback Photography
  • 'Show and Tell' sessions en route
  • Mini workshops
  • Daily hints, tips and motivators
  • Guiding you with 'What went wrong?' images
Dale Neill assisting Louisa Panetta on tour. (photo:Phil Hawkins)

No matter what level you are - a beginner with a tiny compact or a seasoned photographer with a DSLR and a bag of lenses there will be something to learn and something to challenge you.
There are just a couple of places remaining. on the tour.For a detailed itinerary or other details please contact me on 9430 6422 or 0407 082 371.

Dale Neill

'For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and sponaneity'
Henri Cartier-Bresson